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Hello Friends

I decided since I must re-invent myself to assimilate with the new world we are coming into, I am doing some adjusting on my web site which should be better than ever.  I will still be performing 4 days a week on Facebook Live

I need 1000 Subscribers on my You Tube Channel.
Please click here and subscribe. Ballenentertainment

That way I can do my shows on Facebook & You Tube at the same time; I currently have 579 subscribers, so I am more than ½ way there.

Also if you need info on the documentary I’m producing called SHUT OUT (The Untold Truth About The Negro baseball Leagues)  go to

If you need info on Kangen Water go to

Stay Safe & Healthy,

Gary Ballen
(The Human Jukebox)

Facebook Live Presents
(The Human Jukebox)

Every Tuesday  (Kangen Water Night) 7:00 pm
Every Thursday (Pickwick Pub Night) 7:00 pm
Every Saturday (Ukulele)  10:00 am
Every Sunday  (Lookout Night) 3:00 pm (California Time)

 Please Support
Harbor Cove Café Take Out 805-658-1639
Horseless Carriage Take Out 818-351-5027

Pickwicks Pub Take Out 818-340-9673
Ric’s Restaurant Take Out 805-389-9919

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