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David Gilmour

In 1986 I met David Gilmour, guitarist for Pink Floyd. He was one of my hero’s growing up, I saw Pink Floyd 4 or 5 times and loved spacing out to the early albums in the 70’s, Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother and then the classics Wish You Were Here, the Wall  and Dark Side of the Moon.

I was managing a heavy metal band at that time called Hurricane and two of my friends were co-producing their Hurricane’s  album, Mike Clink & Bob Ezrin.  Mike just got done producing a new band called Guns & Roses which ended up selling about 43 million albums and being one of the top rock groups of all time.

Bob Ezrin is a Canadian music producer who has worked with bands like  Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Peter Gabriel, Phish & Pink Floyd. He produced The Wall for Pink Floyd and was getting ready to produce the first Pink Floyd album without Roger Waters which was titled “A Momentary Lapse of Reason.”

Bob knew I was a big Floyd fan and asked me if I would like to meet David Gilmour. I freaked out and said Hell Yea!  At that time in my life I was a little wild & crazy and I was holding a box for a friend of mine from Ohio that had a little problem with the DEA and was traveling the world.  In the box was mason jars full of the best marijuana and hash that was on the market at the time. Acapulco Gold, Maui Waui, Thai Stick, Lebanese Hash,  Colombian Red Bud, you name it, it was in that box.  It could of been on the cover of High Times.

Well I figured that Gilmour being from England probably rolled his hash in cigarettes so on our first meeting I brought a little goodie bag of the various strains I had.   We ended up hanging out together for A MONTH.  He came to my house, sat on my couch, played my Martin guitar, came to Pickwick’s Pub and watched me play….It was incredible.

He also dated one of my friends and as the story goes he named “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” about  her.  It was a great time in my life, I just wish I took pictures, but back then you lived for the moment and I’m sure I didn’t want to bug him or act like a groupie.  They played 4 or 5 nights at the LA Sports Arena and I got to watch every show.  My friend Jeff Ravitz was the lighting director on that tour, It was incredible.