I have been performing professionally since I was 15 years old, pretty much non-stop for 53 years. This Covid-19 changed all that so I  decided I must re-invent myself to assimilate with the new world we are living in. Since 3/27/20 I have been singing 4 days a week on Facebook Live which I will continue to do till further notice.  I’m also working on getting on YouTube Live.   For all of my videos you can go right to my YouTube Channel Please click here and subscribe. Ballenentertainment

SHUT OUT (The Untold Truth About The Negro Baseball Leagues) is a modern day documentary combining unique historic footage, breathtaking editing, animation, a high-end music soundtrack, and interviews with today’s biggest names in sports, entertainment, and politics as our on screen storytellers.The film takes us back in time to tell the narrative of a story that has never been told – the TRUE story of the Negro Baseball Leagues. We will take the audience from the days of Slave Baseball in the Caribbean, to the antics of Satchel Paige, to the legendary home runs of Josh Gibson, to the invention of the batting helmet, night baseball, and the screwball – all were developed first in the Negro Baseball Leagues.  www.shutoutmovie.com

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