One day I was performing at The Lookout Br & Grill in the beautiful Channel Island Harbor and my friend Anita Montgomery brought in a T-Shirt she printed up  for me to look at.  I have never had my own t-shirts and I really liked this one.  It was simple but to the point. It had one of my popular  “saying’s” on it, something  I have been known to say to my crowd for over 30 years.  

When I got it I sent it to a few people for their feedback and my brother Mike added a little sentence to the saying.  I then decided since the back was blank, what should I put on the back.  I decided to list all the major bands, clubs, songs & sayings that meant something to me over the years and the year I first introduced it.

I couldn’t stop there so I figured I would put a little booklet together to explain everything on the back of the shirt and this is what I came up with.  I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I decided I would throw in a 45 of my Bumper Sticker Song and my 4-song Kangen Water CD and sell the package for $30/all in