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These are four Kangen Water songs very dear to my heart.  This water is very inspirational, these songs just popped out. I did all the recordings at IGH Recording Resort and they were all engineered by Gemini, an amazing young producer from Israel.   He also played keyboards, bass guitar and all drum programming, as well as sang some background vocals.


My Life Has Changed (The Kangen Water Song)

This song started as a riff  that my close friend Brad Boeckmann created.  He was finger picking a beautiful melody and needed a “B Section”, which I came up with. We would have Tuesday night jam sessions at his beautiful house and we would play for hours, and we both loved to solo over this instrumental.

I just bought my SD501 for my mom’s cancer and I started going to Eli & Jillina’s Tuesday Night demos in Encino.  I was brand new in the Kangen world and Daniel Dimacale was the guest presenter.  The whole evening blew me away, I was so inspired I went home and started writing from my heart, and this is what came up.

Thanks to Brad Boeckmann and his super wife Teena for co writing “My Life Has Changed.”  Brad played guitar & percussion and Teena sang background vocals, she sings like an angel.

My main man Jimmy Z (another Kangen Water drinker) added saxophone on this song and Nashville session stud Bob Boykin (yet another Kangen Water drinker)  played a beautiful Carlos Santana styled guitar solo. We added some sound effects and layered some background vocals with my up-line Robert & Mona, Mona’s sister Carmalita, Teena’s mom Marilou (who now lives with me) Gemini & me.

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Mr. , Way To Go

Mr O, Way To Go is a tribute to Mr. Oshiro, founder & CEO of our company, Enagic.  I was told he plays this around the world when he does speaking engagements & training sessions.  It was an honor for me to play the song for him and his wife in person when he came to LA.

Bob Boykin also played guitar on Mr. O, Way To Go and Jimmy Z killed it on his harmonica.  Jimmy has recorded & toured with many of the biggest acts in Rock & Roll & Blues, including Tom Petty, Rod Stewart, The Eurythmics & Etta James.

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Let’s Unify

Let’s Unify Unify Unify Unify, with Jiyuu Spirit, Kangen Water will set you free.  It has set me free and has made me very passionate about sharing the water and spreading the love. This song was inspired by Eli & Jillina’s Saturday morning training calls and Tuesday night demo’s in Encino.  I ripped of the title from the company’s slogan and added the Jiyuu Spirit, which in Japanese means “Freedom.”

The people I mentioned in the song all had their lives improved because of Kangen Water. The last verse mentions 9 different cities around the world where we have offices and give away free water to people that come in. This is such a compassionate international company, it’s very cool.

The feel of the song is Bob Marley and it is a great 4 part vocal hook which I sang all the vocals.  I had the honor of bringing in a friend of mine to play a mean trombone on this song.  Bruce Fowler (another Kangen Water drinker) toured & recorded with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and Captain Beefhart.  He is a feature film composer and orchestrator and for years has been working with Hans Zimmer, one of the top  composers of all time.

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Kangen Nation

I’m tired of listening to friends of mine complain about taking massive amounts of medication, but they wont try Kangen Water (FOR FREE)! And on top of that they still drink soda pop, eat bad and are stressed out. If you lead a horse to Kangen Water, trust me, it will DRINK IT.

I wanted a more upbeat countryish song on this one and I was lucky enough to have Bob Boykin again on lead guitar and my girlfriend’s nephew, Joe Valdes, play violin on the track.  Joe is from the Philippines and goes to college in Illinois. He is a concert violin major and he is amazing.  He never played this style of music before but did an amazing job on the song.  Gemini added some great piano, bass and some background vocals.

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