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OK, I’m Kangen Water Krazy (Part 1)

It all started the first week of January, 2012 at a party at a neighbor’s house, I was talking to a couple about my 85 year old mom and her health issues. They asked me if I ever heard of Kangen Water, which I had not. The wife was an RN and sold pharmaceuticals for 20 years, and they swore by this Kangen Water. When I got home I immediately went on the internet and started checking it out, and was amazed at how much I didn’t know about water. The next day I got 5 gallons of the water along with a couple of brochures about the product.

The following Tuesday I took my mom to her Doctor’s appointment and at the end of the session the nurse told my mom to drink lots of water. I told her I had “magic water” at home and she immediately said “you must have Kangen Water.” I was surprised she knew all about it and told us she had been on it exclusively for the last three years, she took her Kangen Water everywhere she went. I started feeling better about this “Magic Water” and gave her doctor some brochures to check out and to show the pharmacist to make sure it was good for my mom.

The next week when we came back for another session, the doctor said he and the pharmacist gave it two thumbs up, and I bought the SD 501Kangen Water® machine that weekend. My mom, my kids, my dog, some of my friends & neighbors and I immediately started drinking ..5 pH Kangen Water®.

I also started to go to meetings every Tuesday night in Encino that Eli & Jillina Dafesh would host at a Mediterranean restaurant.   Hundreds of people would show up, some distributors and some prospects, people that were interested in learning about the water and the business.  What really impressed me was the amount of money some of these people were making in the Kangen Water business.  I realized I had found my calling. (To Be Continued…..)

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