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I met David Molina at The Pickwick Pub years ago where I used to perform. He always impressed me as being very street smart and having very good energy. He hired me to play at a couple of private parties he had at his house and his family and friends were all real cool and appreciated my music.

We kept in touch over the years and I sent him some Kangen Water info over the years.  Recently he contacted me and told me about a radio show he was hosting on the Pierce College campus, and asked me if I wanted to come on and talk about the water.

When my girlfriend Marilou & I got there he was with his teenage daughter who took the day off from school.  They just had to put their dog to sleep and she was very upset, she loved the dog. He was very supportive to her and a very compassionate father, I liked that.

The interview went well, I was happy with the questions he asked and I got to sing a couple of songs at the end. I hope you enjoy it.